Why use AZCPOS
In today’s world, POS (Point of Sale) software is no longer a simple interface. It can now be used to support restaurants more effectively beyond just handling sales, such as helping to professionally manage and analyze your business. It can be used to help save manpower, time, and costs for your business.

What features should a good POS have?
The first requirement for a good POS program, it must be intuitively designed, full of business and management features, and easy for the web manager to set up. Additionally, the program must also be friendly and easy for customers to use to find and choose food quickly.
POS software today must be able to be used easily on phones, tablets, and mobile devices.
A good POS software should make online ordering and processing easy, convenient and fast for both the business and the customer.
a. “No need to make a phone call", whether at home or office, customers anywhere and at anytime can order food online via web or app.
b. Dine-in customers can easily choose their own dishes and tables right on their phones.
c. Ordering, and canceling dishes, changing, pairing tables, splitting bills, discount programs, etc. all must be flexible and fast, without being a hassle or time consuming.
A good POS software today must also be able to track analytics for all business activities anytime, anywhere without being physically present at the restaurant. This is a necessary function for managing a chain.
A good POS software must be able to easily and quickly adapt and develop to meet changing needs and situations.
Point of sale for iPhone, iPad, iOS AZCPOS

The current restaurant management software market is very rich and diverse. Every POS software has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is no wonder why many business owners wonder which software is most suitable for their restaurant business model.

Point of sale AZCPOS
AZCPOS is confident in being a management solution for restaurants, bars, cafes and more in every matter from A-to-Z. Any Internet-connected device can become a POS machine: phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, desktops, etc, all on a digital platform to meet the flexible needs of any business.

Professional sales management solution

What happens when customers enter your restaurant?

**With AZCPOS:
  1. Customers enter your restaurant, and after locating their seats, can either wait for the waiter to come and take their order, or order on their own mobile devices.
  2. Order information will be sent directly to the cashier and the kitchen printer.
  3. All orders are chronologically sorted and automatically printed by the printer in the kitchen. Each item is a separate ticket, with the printed voucher clearly showing the order and any customizations.
  4. The kitchen quickly and chronologically prepares the dishes according to the order's requirements, then updates the order to indicate it’s ready to both staff and customers with 1 touch only.
  5. The waiter brings the order to the customer, with both staff and customers knowing exactly when the order is ready.
When customers enter a restaurant installed POS AZCPOS
*Traditional POS:
A waiter will bring a menu and wait for customers to choose the dish, then write the order, bring it to the kitchen to prepare. After that, customers wait for an unknown amount of time until the waiter will bring the dishes to customers.
When customers enter a traditional restaurant not installed POS AZCPOS

After dishes have been brought to customers, there are often cases where customers want to order more dishes or extra options?
*Traditional POS Issues:
  1. During peak times, waiters might have trouble attending to every customer’s needs, both in and out of house.
  2. Even if customers can be quickly attended to, waiters must be aware of every customer in their sections at all times.
  3. The wait staff will take time to come to the table to take a request, return to the kitchen and give the order, then wait for the kitchen to prepare the dish and bring it to the customer.

Restaurant iOS app AZCPOS**With AZCPOS:
  1. The customer just needs to open their mobile device and navigate to your custom built site, either directly or by scanning a QR Code and order directly from there.
  2. The order will be sent directly to the kitchen immediately. Then, the kitchen can update the readiness of the order with one touch, and the waiter will bring it for the customer.
  3. The dining process will not be interrupted, and the service staff can more effectively manage their attentions, saving maximum time for both your customers and your staff.

==> With AZCPOS, you will have an effective solution to improve your business operation efficiency. It will help save time and money, limit errors, mistakes, and losses which can easily occur when under other more traditional POS systems.

==> To experience a free trial, please go to https://AZCPOS.com to register for free trial program.

Seeing is believing.
A trial is worth a thousand words.

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Point of sale for iPhone, iPad, iOS AZCPOS
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