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Who qualifies for this special offer?

This special offer is open to all operating restaurants, regardless of size or business type, catering to both cozy eateries and expansive dining establishments.

What advantages to have?

Apart from receiving a free online menu for streamlined ordering, restaurants also stand a chance to secure a free Front Door: Stand Banner Menu Display for Your Restaurant.

Why seize these benefits?

Customers visiting your restaurant can now effortlessly choose and order dishes without long waits. For staff, this flexible ordering process translates to substantial time savings, allowing for a heightened focus on customer service.

Moreover, there's the added perk of potentially receiving a free front-door stand banner, elevating your restaurant's visibility. However, as the number of free banners is limited, priority will be given to early registrations. It's a first-come, first-served scenario. Registrations after the free banner limit is reached will either face a wait or opt to pay a $99 fee.

Preparation checklist for availing the offer:

  1. Restaurant information: name of contact, address, phone number and email – essential details for seamless communication and support.
  2. Dish details: names and images of 6 standout dishes. Opt for restaurant signature dishes paired with high-quality images for an appealing impression.
  3. Select banner color: choose the front-door stand banner color – pick your favorite or one that suits your restaurant's style. Alternatively, if none of the available designs appeal to you, request a custom banner design for an additional fee.
  4. Custom banner design request: absolutely, at an additional design fee. Feel free to make a design request if you desire a banner that uniquely represents your restaurant's style.

How to reach the offer after preparing the above?

It's a straightforward process. Simply complete the form below and click Submit, or give us a call for direct consultation.

When to reap the benefits after registration?

Within 2-4 weeks from the date of registration, your restaurant will start experiencing the outstanding benefits of this special offer.

Is there an app for the restaurant?

Alongside the online menu, a user-friendly app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app empowers restaurants to effortlessly view and manage orders, print invoices, or directly access information on the app screen. It not only simplifies order reception and management but also enhances accuracy and overall operational efficiency.


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