Compatible with Clover flex and Clover mini
What started with payments has turned into a mission to change how businesses run.
Payment Processing Made Easy with AZCPOS!
Payment processor hold your money too long? Get next-day payouts & industry-low fees with AZCPOS and Smart Terminal, Clover Flex, and Clover Mini.
Empower YOUR BUSINESS with choices:
✅ Accept credit, debit, EBT & mobile wallets.
✅ Wireless, mobile touchscreen POS.
✅ FREE website & virtual terminal.
❌  No contracts. No hidden fees. Ever.
We help merchants accept payments from customers as effortlessly and efficiently as possible with the lowest credit card surcharge in the market. Our merchant service is constantly evolving to match the ever-expanding needs of merchants and the dynamic ways in which they do business.

Accepting payments from your customers via credit, debit, and electronic payments allowing for seamless transactions.

Securely managing PCI compliance when processing and storing payment information for your business, making your customer data safe.

Payments you can rely on to run your business smarter and faster.

Never miss a sale. With AZCPOS, you can serve customers better with tools and integrations that make your business more efficient.

Accept all payments at your counter or on the go. It’s easy to get started. Try AZCPOS now!
Professional sales management solution

AZCPOS - Professional sales management solution by industry
Easy to use and adaptable
Easily create orders on any Internet connected device (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC ...)
Supports many various lines of receipt printers.
Supports printing labels and bar codes.
Manage payments even when offline.
Diverse payment methods
AZCPOS offers standard customer payment options to ensure you will be able to receive payments however you prefer: Cash, Visa / Master card, check, e-wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay / NFC / EMV) ...
Integrated barcode scanner, cash tray, payment card scanner.
Cloud Internet Technology
Instant data synchronization between stations.
Optimize your sales process.
Automatically print receipts & kitchen slips.
Various Order methods
Staff decentralization.
Manage collection by shift , staff.
Manage detailed bills, including cancelled bills.

AZCPOS has become familiar with CUISINE - RESTAURANT - TEA SHOP - CAFE SHOP - JUICE SHOP businesses in running and managing their activities. Not only does our software offer maximum support but also can help improve sales efficiency for any business model.

Our smart POS solution integrates many features that will support restaurant owners in tracking and managing their business. AZCPOS software can encode barcodes with all information about goods, quantity, and price of your products to help control your operation easily and accurately.

Unlike other sales software, AZCPOS has many outstanding, useful and practical advantages for both you and your customers. With AZCPOS, your business can be streamlined from both the business and customer ends, saving time on all sides. Errors are minimized, and the accuracy and stability of your operations is ensured for your CUISINE - RESTAURANT - TEA SHOP - CAFE SHOP - JUICE SHOP.
AZCPOS is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Anyone can easily pick up and know how to use AZCPOS. Features are automatically arranged to have a clear workflow and to be easily understood, making your work easier, faster, and more accurate.
With AZCPOS sales management software, you can track and monitor your sales process anytime, anywhere; no need to be present at any of your restaurants. You can be more flexible with your time and manage your business more conveniently and efficiently.
Compatible with delivery services:
Doordash, Uber Eats
We understand delivery services are an indispensable part of your business. With AZCPOS, you can flexibly choose and connect with reputable delivery services that suit your locality and preferences. You can actively track the delivery status of orders. AZCPOS is compatible with reputable delivery services such as Doordash, Uber Eats. Therefore, the connection is easy, reducing cumbersome operations and complicated procedures.

DoorDash Uber Eats
AZCPOS is the most optimal solution for you to management and operation your Cuisine - Restaurant - Tea Shop - Cafe Shop - Juice Shop - Food to go. Do not hesitate to call our AZCPOS hotline for advice. We are always ready to assist and answer all your questions.