Why use AZCPOS

AZCPOS has all the tools you need to help your business be more efficient and cost-effective

No more worries or confusion in operating any restaurant, eatery, or cafe. Leverage modern tools to work for you.
Simple, easy, and with an intuitive design, AZCPOS has a full suite of business features that help you run and manage your business more quickly and efficiently.
Ordering, changing or pairing tables, splitting bills, canceling orders, discounting, paying, printing invoices, and so much more has never been easier.
Distinguish between new orders and already served dishes. Manage status of tables and orders, and avoid keeping customers waiting for too long.
Reports are both complete and easy to understand. We can help you with, but are not limited to: sales management, warehousing, quantification, loss management. Ensure accurate data of your revenue and expenditures.
Run your business anywhere, from the coziest cafes to the busiest of floors or streets. With apps even on Android and IOS, you can take your business anywhere you need to.
Ordering is easy and quick, with info immediately shared across all stations. Ensure clear order communication across all your staff.
Updates are always sent to a central management device. Status of your tables and dishes will be instantly displayed to help you and your staff prepare and serve your customers more efficiently.
Present receipts and receive payment right at a customer's table; no more need to return to a register.
Instantly display full orders on any device; no more need for order slips. Confirm orders on any device to ensure full and quick communication between all your staff and customers.
Keep up to date with your restaurant and regular customers. Track your data at any time, from anywhere.
All information is automatically updated to a system server so that you can remotely manage your business from any web browser.
Track your regular customers with chain-specific data, helping you easily set up loyalty programs and offers.
We can help you troubleshoot via app, internet, email, or phone. We'll solve technical concerns so that you can focus on your business.
Avoid errors and mistakes in taking orders and charging customers, keep logs of all daily activities.
Speed up customer service, from ordering and processing, to modifying and printing receipts.
Manage revenue and expenditure reports, sales statistics, fully manage raw material warehouses, avoid losses.
Conveniently track loyal customers in your restaurant.
View business reports anytime, anywhere.

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